Are you looking for hedge trimming?

Taming unruly hedges is one of our specialties and you’ll be amazed how a simple hedge prune can make a huge difference to your garden. We recommend that you trim your hedges in Spring and Autumn each year to avoid the nesting season.

We always do checks before embarking on hedge cutting to ensure that no obvious wildlife habitats will be disturbed and we adhere to all the laws and guidelines that are in place to protect our feathered friends.

Regularly trimmed hedges are much healthier and last longer.

Whether you are looking for hedge reduction, annual maintenance, trimming or removal, we can provide assistance.

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Hedge Services

  • Hedge trimming;
  • Hedge maintenance;
  • Hedge removal including, grinding stumps and replacing if required;
  • Hedge reductions;
  • Hedge shaping;