Flamers Fire Lighters


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Box of 50 Natural Fire Lighters

Made from natural wood wool and dipped in a refined paraffin wax. They are odourless, easy to light, clean and convenient and only one is needed to light any fire.

They are great for all wood burning applications and perfect for charcoal barbecues and pizza ovens.

They simply replace the need for one of the traditional smelly paraffin firelighters that many people use either with kindling or newspaper. We don’t recommend newspaper as it burns too quickly, so advise just one Flamer and 6-8 kindling sticks.

There are of course many different ways to light a fire and everyone has their own slight variation and whilst the traditional way of firelighting with kindling and firelighter at the bottom with smaller logs on top works, we now favour the new ‘Top down’ method with logs on the base and kindling and Flamer on top. This helps to heat the flue faster and provides more efficient lighting with lower emissions.

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